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SiMP Seal 55

One Component Polymer Based, Solvent and Isocyanant Free Elastic Adhesive Sealant
Simp-Seal 55 600ml SİYAH
Product Description

SiMP-Seal 55 is a one component polymer based sealant and adhesive. The product cures with the humidity of the air and creates a durable structure that reacts for both adhesion and filling purposes at very high adhesion values. In parallel with its high thixotropic feature, it provides very good and fast adhesion.


  • Environmentally friendly, odorless, isocyanate and solvent free, No harmful ingredient symbols
  • Permanently elastic, does not sag, does not shrink in volume
  • Does not make air bubbles
  • Provides primer-free adhesion to almost every surface
  • It does not sag, has excellent dynamic tensile strength and impact resistance.
  • Increases resistance to torsion in its ultimate state
  • Can be used even on damp and slightly wet surfaces
  • Has vibration and sound reducing properties
  • It has very high UV (sunlight) stability and keeps its color
  • Resistant to aging and severe weather conditions
  • Can be painted with many water / solvent based paints, (A trial is recommended before painting)

Colors: White – Gray – Black


Simp-Seal 55 is a high strength and versatile adhesive and sealant sealant, suitable for metal, steel plate (galvanized, coated and painted), untreated and anodized aluminum, brass, copper, glass, GRP, wood, concrete and various hard plastic materials. Provides excellent adhesion.
Elastic and structural bonding applications in industry (assembly of insulation panels, bonding against vibration, painted surfaces of steel, aluminum, wood, GRP, and other plastic materials), automotive, transportation (caravans, buses, refrigerated trucks, containers), boats and high adhesion and it is used successfully in all kinds of assembly and fabrication works where elasticity is required.



The application surface must be dry, clean and free from foreign substances.
Primer may be required on certain surfaces and applications. You can consult NPT for primer application.
SiMP-Seal 55 can be painted after drying, however, due to the variety of paints, a trial before application is recommended.


10 ml aluminum cartridges: 12 cartridges per box
For 600 ml Alu-PE sausages: 20 sausages in a box
For 400 ml Alu-PE sausages: 12 sausages in a package (It is produced upon request)


SiMP-Seal 55 can be stored for approximately 12 months in its original packaging and in a cool and dry environment at temperatures between 5 ° – 25 ° C. Do not store in hot, humid and under direct sunlight.