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Our company has started to sell EPDM Membranes for use in curtain wall systems, which are highly compatible with high quality and industry application conditions.

Our EPDM Membranes have a standard width of 120 cm, and at first we have offered the material with dimensions of 0.50 mm and 1.00 mm thickness.


  • Quality : Our products confirm to international product standards
    and the manufacturing process is certified as per ISO 9001.


  • Technology : We use the intermesh mixing technology and cold
    feed roller head technology that ensures that our pond liners
    are compact and have a higher density compared to the ones
    manufactured using calendar technology.


  • Vulcanizing Technology : Our products are cured using an
    ‘Online Vulcanizing Mechanism’, which ensures that every
    square inch of our membrane liner is evenly cured. Since we do not
    used steam boilers to cure the pond liners, our manufacturing process is non-polluting.


  • Economical Price : The easy availability of manufacturing resources, and fewer overheads, helps us provide a better price to our customers.

TEK-FLEXTM EPDM Membrane Liners Product Range

0.50 mm 120 cm ; 60 m² 50 meters
0,75 mm 120 cm ; 30 m² 25 meters
1.00 mm 120 cm ; 30 m² 25 meters
1.20 mm 120 cm ; 30 m² 25 meters
1.50 mm 120 cm ; 30 m² 25 meters
2.00 mm  120 cm ; 30 m² 25 meters
Special sizes can be manufactured upon request.