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Fire Retardant Sealant

IBMB MPA Quality Certified

TEKADOM FIRESTOP is a one-component plastoelastic acrylic dispersion that delays the spread of flame and fire.


  • Easy application.
  • Does not slump in vertical joints.
  • Good adhesion on porous materials.
  • It can be applied on moist surfaces.
  • Movement accommodation of the product is up to 15%.
  • Once fully cured it becomes water resistant.
  • Once fully cured it can be painted.
  • Resistant to various atmospheric effects, sunlight and ageing.
  • Solvent free (VOC free).
  • Fresh sealant can easily be cleaned with water.
  • The products is intended to be used in construction industry – in constructing flats, hotels, suites, prisons, offices, hospitals, airports, factories, etc.
  • Suitable for sealing joints around fire door and wall penetrations for cables and pipes.
  • Suitable for sealing less stressed joints and penetrations when fire resistance is required as it prevents fire, smoke, toxic gas and water to spread in case of fire.
  • For sealing joints between window frames, doors, plasterboards and concrete elements.
  • For sealing final joints between sills and walls and frames of window blinds.

Surface preparation:

Surfaces to be sealed should be hard, clean, dust and fat free. Remove all separated and
badly attached pieces. Tekadom Firestop can be applied on moist surfaces.

Joint and cartridge preparation:

  • For better adhesion use a primer, which consists of Tekadom Firestop sealant and water (1 part sealant + 3 parts water). Wet the surface with a brush or cloth and leave for a few minutes.
  • Cut the cartridge at the top and screw on the nozzle, which has to be cut according to the width of the joint/seam and placed in the gun. During work interruption release the handle on the gun and pull the piston back. The sealant should be applied as evenly as possible. You can also use a spatula.
  • At the end, use a smoothing tool – a TKK smoothing instrument, or a Smoothing agent soaped finger to level the sealant before the skin starts to form. It is very important to press the sealant well against the surface to be sealed.
  • Use water to clean the tools and remove any residues of fresh sealant. Hardened adhesive can be removed mechanically.
  • 300ml cartridge
  • 600ml, 400ml sausage
  • 200l drum
  • Other packagings are available by agreement

18 moths in a dry space at temperature range between 5°C and 25°C, in originally closed packaging.