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Fire Retardant Sealant Silicone
Tekasil Firestop 300 ml Beyaz
  • Due to excellent adaptation characteristics this is an ideal product for joints where despite the impact of fire no loss of adhesion should occur.
  • For sealing and gluing of joints between various materials (glass, wood, concrete, brick, stone, ceramics, steel, aluminium and most types of plastic) where there is a danger of fire:
    – Joints around fire door,
    – Wall penetrations for cables or pipes,
    – Expansion joints.
  • Does not cause corrosion.
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction material without primer application.
  • Adhesion onto porous surfaces can be improved with the use of TKK primer.
  • Good mechanical properties.
  • Does not slump in vertical joints.
  • Movement accommodation up to 20%.
  • Resistant to atmospheric effects, UV-light and ageing.
  • Maintains elastic properties from -40°C to +180°C, and in the event of occasional exposure also up to 200°C.
  • Application temperature: between +5°C and +40°C.
  • Resistant to various chemicals.
  • Colour: white, other colours on demand.

For sealing joints where fire resistant sealant is required. For sealing around fire door, for sealing around wall/floor penetrations for cables and pipes, for door and window installation, for sealing between plasterboards and concrete elements. Excellent mechanical properties once cured.


Prior to use it is recommended to perform an adhesion test to verify adhesion of the sealant to the substrate.

Surface preparation:

The surface of the joint must be dry, hard, clean, dust and fat free. Remove all separated and badly attached pieces.

Joint and cartridge preparation:

  • If you want joints to look nice tape the edges with a masking tape.
  • Cut the cartridge at the top and screw on the nozzle, which has to be cut according to the width of the joint and placed in the gun. During work interruption release the handle on the gun and pull the piston back.
  • The sealant should be applied as evenly as possible.
  • At the end, use a smoothing tool – a TKK smoothing instrument, or a Smoothing agent soaped finger to level the sealant before the skin starts to form. It is very important to press the sealant well against the surface to be sealed.
  • Remove the masking tape before the sealant starts to harden.
  • Fresh sealant and tools can be cleaned with the Tekafin cleaner, hardened sealant should be removed mechanically first and then with a cleaner for hardened silicone – Tekapursil S or Apursil.
  • For optimal elasticity of a sealant the correct ratio width:depth is of extreme importance.

The ratio is 2:1, 1:1 maximum. Sealant should not adhere to the bottom of the joint gap but only to its sides. This can be achieved with the use of Tekatrak Back filling tape or nonflammable materials (fibreglass wool and ceramic fibres). The minimum and maximum joint width is 6mm and 20mm, respectively.

  • 300ml cartridge
  • 200l drum
  • Other packagings are available by agreement

12 months in a dry and cold place under 25°C in originally closed packaging; sausages 18 months.